Powerful Manager

Allow operators to execute daily tasks easily

Complex Algorithms

Automatical lesson planning, speaker assignment

Recruitment campaigns

Management of recruitment and online interviews for new speakers

Multi-level user access

Both for managing client and operator roles.


Educastream is No. 1 in education via videoconference

Educastream has developed a unique solution for videoconferencing courses combining all the advantages of different types of assistance (home tuition, educational materials and e-Learning).

The activities focus on four services:

  • Tutoring (English classes, math)

  • English classes for adults

  • Corporate Training

  • Videoconferencing language in schools

Educastream partner of French National Education

Educastream was chosen by the French National Education under the plan “1000 videoconferences“ to meet the skills objectives set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We have designed and developed the entire application framework to manage the videoconferences.


Improving the workflow regarding lessons planning so the entire process is automated through fast algorithms that could also provide the best teacher for the respective student.

Designing a communication protocol to handle the link between the application and the CRM used by the sales team.

Creating the most easy to use and complete management system that could allow the operator to execute his job with the minimum amount of steps. The intensive use of Ajax technology gives the feeling of a desktop application accentuating quick responsiveness.

A good database design is critical for every application. An important amount of time was spent to implement a perfect database system that could handle even the most demanding requests.

A complex application will usually need a custom service to handle all background jobs. Thus we put our efforts into creating a dedicated one for Educastream, which is responsible for sending automatic email notifications, managing the licenses needed to access the videoconference rooms and constantly checking for database inconsistencies.








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