Powerful Manager

Manage all projects at the same time

Site generator

Allows creating complete websites within minutes.

Template manager

Change structure, logo, CSS and more.

Custom targets

Can be created using a mix of dating search criteria

SEO optimisation

Targets by region, sexual preference or both.


Create your own dating website with just 2 clicks!

We provide an easy to use interface where you can create your own dating website in just a few minutes. Choose your desired name, type of relationhips, area of interest and there you go! You have a huge database of profiles at your fingertips and a custom design on demand.

The combinations are endless! You can also position your site on search by location-based, to meet people in Paris, Alsace and in other localities. In addition, you can manage your site on several countries (Italy, Spain, Germany ...).

Maximize your traffic

You own a site and want to create a section called "encounters"? Become a publisher and create traffic generating enrollment.

Manage it all from A to Z

Our interface allows you to completely configure your dating site, the choice of criteria for SEO optimization.


Developed in-house, our interface changes based on requests and needs of publishers. Graphics, criteria bases, SEO, usability ... we're listening to continually improve our director tool and offer the most effective management possible for all your sites.






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